2016 Horncastle Autumn Show Results

The East of England Poultry Club held the Autumn Shows at the Stanhope Hall, Horncastle on Sunday which saw 175 birds on display. This included chickens, ducks and geese, and was also the Regional Show for the Lincolnshire Buff breed with 16 entries.

sue-reynolds-show-champion      sue-reynolds

By midday, the Champion was declared to be an apricot call duck shown by Sue Reynolds from Thimbleby and this was her first major win.

She also had the Best pair of birds, with Sebastopol geese, which have an unusual appearance, with their long curled feathers.


Show reserve was regular winner Maddie Chenery, from Boston with her miniature Serama bantam.

Other winners were Terry Marshall from Keelby with a large buff Orpington.

Club Chairman, Tom Holland had the best Hard Feather with an Old English Game bantam.

Sally Prescott from North Thoresby, had the Best heavy bantam with her black Australorp cockerel.

Serve Coulber from Tattershall Thorpe had the best light bantam with his Silver spangled Hamburgh female.

John & Rose Watts, from Sibsey had the Best Rare Breed with their Yokohama Female.

There were separate classes for Juveniles and the Best of these was won by new member Noa Pipes-Goulsbra, with a fawn and white Indian Runner duck.

Juvenile reserve was a call duck shown by sisters Jennifer & Emily Dixon from Stixwold.

There was a reduced number of egg entries, as birds are not laying at this time of year, and the best eggs were a plate of 3 brown bantam eggs from JD Wilson.