Richard & son James Bett swept the board at Heckington Show, winning all except one Section with their birds.

Champion  & Best True Bantam.  with a black pekin.  Best Juvenile entry was James’ bantam Brahma male.

Richard & James Bett  – Reserve Champion with a Steinbacher gander, also Best Waterfowl.
Best Large Fowl with a cuckoo cochin.    Best Bantam Soft Feather with a silver Brahma male
Best Hard Feather was a large Carlisle Old English Game male.
Reserve Juvenile. also for James, with a Call Duck.

Best Rare Breed was a Sumatra bantam male, from Robert White.

Best Eggs was a plate of 3 bantam eggs from Paul Kerfoot, who had travelled from Preston.
Best Serama  from a total of 15 birds was won by a new lady exhibitor.
Best Juvenile Eggs was also a plate of 3 white bantam eggs from Ronnie Watts.

Juvenile painted eggs

This was the first show since last November, so it was uncertain what the support would be. The final total was 106 and 46 plates of eggs and 22 Juvenile entries.
After several days of heavy rain, there was quite a lot of mud on the showground, particularly bad in the poultry tent.
Mats were laid down, as well as plenty of straw, but there was still plenty of interest from the general public.