2016 Woodhall Spa results

The East of England Poultry Club had an entry of 173 birds, and 90 plates of eggs at the Woodhall Spa Show and attracted a lot of interest from the public.
The Champion was a large black Orpington shown by Mr Brian Anderton from Halton Holegate, which went on to become Reserve Champion of Champions, judged in the main Ring, and beaten by a Belgian Blue cow.
Show Reserve was a mallard Call duck shown by Leon Smith from Norfolk. Best bantam Soft Feather was also won by Leon Smith with a barred Wyandotte cockerel.
Best Hard Feather was a Modern Game, shown by Philip Lusty a recent resident of Old Leake.
Best Rare Breed was a Yokohama male shown by Brian Sands of Friskney.
Best True bantam was a Japanese shown by Mrs Barbara Forrester from Gainsborough.
Once again, the Serama bantams had a good entry of 35 birds and the best was awarded to Godfrey & Peacock from Chesterfield.
Best Juvenile exhibit was shown by Ellie-Mae Swinson, from Horncastle, with a silver Sebright and also Reserve with a black Poland bantam.
Best Juvenile egg entry was shown by Ronnie Watts at his first show, with a single white bantam egg.
Best Adult Egg entry was a plate of 6 pure white eggs shown by Mrs C Tindale from Gainsborough.
This is the Club’s first of the Summer shows and the next will be Heckington, at the end of July. Anyone wishing to enter can send for a schedule from Show secretary Janet Bullen on 01205 870689 or janetbullen42@gmail.com