2019 Wragby Show

Here are the results of the poultry show held at Wragby.
There were 156 entries of chickens ducks and one goose, with 48 plates of eggs. The tent was busy all day especially when there were 2 bouts of torrential rain, when everyone tried to cram into the tent to shelter. The results were as follows.:-

CHAMPION  was a white call duck entered by Stuart Kay from Newark.

BEST JUVENILE was a white silkie shown by his daughter Alexa Kay.

SHOW RESERVE was a partridge Wyandotte shown by Josh Clark.

BEST TRUE BANTAM was also won by Josh Clark, who comes from Leicester, with a yellow Dutch bantam.

BEST LARGE SOFT FEATHER was a black Orpington shown by Terry Marshall from Grimsby.

BEST RARE BREED  was a duckwing Yokohama male shown by
Colin Watts from Old Leake.

BEST HARD FEATHER was a bantam Old English Game shown by Club Chairman Tom Holland from Old leake.

BEST EGGS  was a plate of 6 khaki-coloured large eggs shown by Holly Norton from Wragby.

BEST JUVENILE EGGS were a plate of 3 large tinted eggs, shown by Ellie-Mae Swinson from Horncastle.