2019 Heckington Show

This was a successful show in spite of the muddy conditions, which threatened to cancel the show. There was a total of 104 entries.
Main winners were the Kay family, who had Champion, Reserve & daughter Best Juvenile

CHAMPION was a white call duck from Stuart Kay.
RESERVE was a white Pekin bantam from Stuart Kay.
BEST BANTAM was black Orpington shown by Tom Holland.
BEST LARGE SOFT FEATHER was also a black Orpington shown by Terry Marshall.
BEST RARE BREED was a Yokohama male shown by Colin Watts.

BEST HARD FEATHER was a Carlisle Game shown by Josh Charles, who also had
BEST BANTAM HARD FEATHER with a black/red Old English Game.

BEST JUVENILE was a Serama shown by Alexa Kay.
BEST EGGS were 3 large white eggs shown by David Capps.