2019 Revesby Show

Here are the results for the poultry at Revesby Country Fair.
There were 146 entries with exhibitors coming from Lincolnshire and neighbouring counties.

Stuart Kay from Newark was the winner of the 2 main awards. He took Show Champion with a white call duck and Reserve with a Ko Shamo bantam, as well as a white Pekin as Best True bantam.

Best Bantam soft feather was Josh Charles who came from Leicester with a Partridge Wyandotte female
The remaining winners were all from different parts of Lincolnshire:

Best Large Soft Feather was a black Orpington from Terry Marshall, of Keelby, near Grimsby.
Best Rare Breed was a Kraenkoppe male from Tom Holland of Old Leake

Best Juvenile entry was a silver call duck from Reggie Walker of Marton, near Gainsborough