Exhibitor Guidance Notes

Please familiarise yourselves with the below guidance notes. These are to keep you and your birds safe. We are working within the stipulations of the local APHA (Animal Plant Health Agency) and will require the following.

• Exhibitors to be registered with the GB poultry bird register as all entries will require a CPH number.
• Clean carrier boxes/travel crates with clean fresh bedding must be used. All transport equipment (such as trollies) and carriers should be either disinfected or disposed of on return from the show.
• Clean water drinkers should accompany each bird
• Your birds need to be healthy and free from disease and parasites. Any birds or individual from a group of birds (including those from different exhibitors but have been transported together) showing signs of ill health will not be allowed into the show, nor will any birds which originates from the same premises/vehicle.
• Exhibitors attending the show should have clean footwear and use the allocated foot dips and hand sanitiser stations on arrival and exit.
• Each bird entered will have to be individually examined by a veterinary surgeon before entry. This will inevitably take time, please be patient with the show organisers, volunteers, and other exhibitors
• No Waterfowl may be shown at this event
• No exhibitors with birds travelling from Northen Ireland, Wales or Scotland can be shown at this event
• You will not be allowed to travel with your birds if you come from an Avian Influenza temporary disease-controlled zone, a controlled zone or a prevention zone. If unsure check the following website https://www.gov.uk/animal-disease-cases-england
• Please check the following website on the biosecurity, hygiene standards and guidance to bird flu (avian influenza): How to prevent it and stop it spreading. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/bird-flu-avian-influenza-how-to-prevent-it-and-stop-it-spreading
• Please familiarise yourselves with the common signs of avian influenza and how to report suspected cases using the following link. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/avian-influenza-bird-flu
• If you have any concerns about birds attending the show, please notify a member of the EEPC committee
• EEPC reserve the right to refuse entry into this show if we feel that any exhibitors are not truthful and forthcoming with their biosecurity information. The EEPC also reserves the right to remove or exclude any birds considered to be unhealthy.
On return from the show
• If birds show any signs of ill health or disease resembling avian influenza notify the APHA immediately
• Your birds must be isolated from other birds at the premises for a minimum of seven days
• Clean show equipment and transport carriers using a DEFRA approved disinfectant