2023 Show Results

Thanks to Rosie Knowles for judging the Autumn Show at Stickney on 29th October 2023, and for supplying the photos.

BEST IN SHOW – Josh Charles, white Wyandotte bantam


RESERVE – Josh Charles , rosecomb

Best large soft feather heavy – IW & L Simpson, Black Australorp


Best soft feather light – Claire Flower, white crested cuckoo Poland bantam

Best rare – Josh Charles, Nankin

Best hard feather – Robert White, Modern Game

Juvenile – Clare Trofer, lavender Pekin

Best Turkey – Charlie Forsythe, Norfolk Black

Best Lincolnshire Buff – Charlie Forsyth


Best Brahma – Reece Thomas

Naked Neck – Tom Holland

Best Serama – Claire Flower

Best eggs – Holly Norton, 3 waterfowl

Best juvenile eggs – Clare Trofer, 3 bantam