2016 Wragby Show results

The poultry section of Wragby Show produced 160 entries of birds and 70 plates of eggs, which kept the interest of the public throughout the day.

Results were declared by 1pm which were as follows :-


Champion. Richard Bett from Yarborough,with a large cuckoo Cochin male.


Reserve. John Wheeler from Spilsby with a bantam buff Plymouth Rock female.

Best True bantam. Mrs B Forrester from Gainsborough with a Serama bantam.


Best Waterfowl. Also Mrs B Forrester with a white Call duck.


Best Rare Breed. Noel Stubbs from Driffield with a Norfolk Grey female.

Best Hard Feather. Richard Bett from Yarborough with a bantam Old English Game.


Best eggs. Mrs C Tindale from Gainsborough with a single large egg.


There were 19 entries from the Juvenile exhibitors and the Best Juvenile went to Noa Pipes-Goulsboro with a Cayuga duck, which was the first time she has been to a show.

Juvenile Reserve was a Buff Plymouth Rock female entered by sisters Jennifer and Emily Dixon from Stixwold, Woodhall Spa.

Best Juvenile eggs was Ronnie Watts from Old Leake.